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This discovery call is an opportunity for you to meet us, learn about our services and how we’ve helped other clients in your position.

It’s also a chance for us to get to know you and your business, to understand your goals, challenges and see if it’s a good fit.

During this short meeting we’ll discuss:

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Your onboarding process

Thinking of partnering with us? This is what you can expect.

Day 1

The intro
Complimentary call:You tell us about yourself & your business.We show you how we work with clients.What are your goals & values?Are we a good fit?How can we tailor our support?

Month 1

The handover
Smooth transfer:You sign up.We complete the boring / necessary admin stuff.We request and receive what we need from your previous accountant.We set your expectations for delivery of compliance work.

Month 2

The check-in
Next steps:We get to know you, your team and your business.We iron out any historical creases.We get your books up to date.We answer your questions.Cashflow and profit improvement meeting.

Month 3

Strategy session
Business plan:Clarify your vision.Set a 12 month plan and quarterly goals and actions.Start with the end in mind.Establish training and support needs.Best practiced from the get go.

Month 4-8

The work begins
Supplementary work:Cash flow forecast.Systems review.Tax planning.Accountability coaching.Organisational review.Risk review.

Month 9+

Are we on track?
Performance reviews:How are the numbers stacking up?How's our service been?Online check-in.

Year 1+

Refine & repeat
Your revised business plan:Celebrate your wins.Reset key initiatives.Adjust goals and redefine what success looks like.Leverage your time effectively.We provide a sounding board.Revise training & support needs.

Helping the business and the people

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