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personal tax planning

One short meeting
can save you tax for a whole year

Personal tax is often a grudge, last-minute effort of rushing to get your return in to the ATO before the due date. It’s a frustrating process of searching through emails and files for supporting documents and knowing that you’re probably missing out on deductions

Deductions that you didn’t claim because you didn’t know about the tax-saving strategies available to you. You do have options available to reduce your tax bill, and in some cases redirect those savings into wealth creation opportunities like reducing your mortgage.

If you were to take just a few hours, once a year, with your accountant, to do some individual tax planning you could potentially make the process a lot smoother and enjoy substantial tax savings at the same time. 

At creditte, we meet with our clients before the start of the new financial year to develop a clear tax plan for you in the short-term (1 year) and long-term (5+ years). We’re also available to you throughout the year to set up, advise and walk you through your personal tax strategy.

Our tax planning services

Our team of tax agents are available to meet with you, either in person or virtually, and discuss your individual financial position and goals for the future.

Together, we’ll develop a clear tax strategy without the confusing jargon. Some of the ways we help you:

Tax planning is best done before the end of the financial around May or June, but it’s never too late to start implementing strategies that will minimise your tax bill. 

Book a free 15-minute discovery call with us to find out where you could be saving.

personal tax planning services

Why choose us as your personal accountant

Shelby Willis
Shelby Willis
Morgan has always been most helpful and super fast in helping me with my tax questions and needs.
First class service and handled at a very personable level. Will definitely be recommending Creditte!
Steven James
Steven James
Working this year with Morgan was a great experience. He was recommended by a close friend and as soon as I called he was there to help. He helped navigate through difficult tax situations with ease and was always there to listen and help. So glad to be working with Morgan and the team on my returns. Customer for life
John Dalle Cort
John Dalle Cort
I run a financial planning practice and have recently worked with Morgan and the Creditte team to assist some mutual clients. Their accounting firm in Brisbane are smart, efficient and client focused which creates a great client outcome. Keep up the great work.
Michelle Bowden
Michelle Bowden
I'm really impressed by the outstanding service offered by Creditte and their team. Morgan's great at clarifying complex issues in a straightforward, no nonsense way and is very knowledgeable and friendly. Best accountant in Brisbane!
Colin Wardle
Colin Wardle
Probably the best accounting firm in Brisbane. Quality service and people you can connect with. Highly recommended
Philip Verner
Philip Verner
These guys really looked after me and my business taking the time to help me understand and grow
Matt Sloane
Matt Sloane
I deal with many accountants but I have found Morgan and his team, prompt, thorough, professional and easy to deal with. If you are looking for a switched on savvy accountant then look no further.
Corbin Steinmuller
Corbin Steinmuller
As a small custom home construction business, we rely on the Creditte team for their expertise to manage our finances and to help plan for financial success. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and always up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations. They take the time to understand our business goals and work with us to create a financial strategy that ensures success. the entire team is professional, reliable, friendly and dedicated to the success of their clients and i would recommend to anyone looking to get serious about their business financials.
Jackson Brigg
Jackson Brigg
Best in Brisbane!
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17 ways to minimise personal tax

It’s a great feeling lodging your tax return, knowing you paid your dues but also did as much as possible to legally keep cash in your bank account.

We’ve put together this free tax minimisation guide with smart strategies to help you save on tax this year.

What would you do with all those savings? Reduce your home loan, go on a holiday or invest in your future?  

Click to download this tax saving guide.

Ready to start saving on personal tax?

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Frequently asked questions

What is tax planning?

Tax planning is a process to minimise the amount of tax an individual pays for their income, wealth and assets. In simple words, it is a plan that helps you minimise your tax and maximise your wealth. It involves using the available tax deductions and tax offsets in your favour

Can a personal phone plan be a tax deduction?

You can claim costs you incur when you use your own phone, data or internet for work-related purposes and have records to support your claims. You must meet the following conditions to claim a deduction:

  • you spent the money and your employer did not reimburse you
  • the expenses are directly related to earning your income
  • you have a record to prove it

You can’t claim a deduction where you don’t incur any expenses or for personal phone calls to family and friends. If you use your phone, data or internet for both work and private use, you will need to work out the amount that relates to your work use.

We’ve prepared a handy guide to home office expenses that you can download here.

Should I claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions?

This is entirely dependent on your personal financial situation. Contact us today for tailored advice so we can put you on the right path.

What is salary sacrificing?

Salary packaging is an ATO-approved employee benefit that affords you the ability to spend your pre-tax dollars. Depending on the industry and sector you work in, when you salary sacrifice, you could be eligible to pay for a range of expenses with your pre-tax salary. This could reduce the amount of tax you pay and increase your disposable income.

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